Heureux comme avec une femme

heureux-comme-avec-une-femme-2013Heureux comme avec une femme
Roberto Bonati e Diana Torto

Copyright: 2013 Roberto Bonati
Label: ParmaFrontiere
Release date: 2013
Total playing time: 63'28''



Heureux comme avec une femme come out from the last years work of Roberto Bonati e Diana Torto: it’s a duo build on a fascinating keleidoscope effects around the voice of Diana Torto and the double bass and the music of Bonati.

A double bass and a voice: two vibrating strings. Deep and soft sounds for a nocturne music magical ritual, primordial, savage and enchanted. Diana Torto sing the voice’s magic, Roberto Bonati is a virtuoso of his instrument, able to conduct us to the heart of double bass. Vocal and instrumental versatiles tecniques lead to an intense polyphony between the two musicians.

Once again Bonati give us a contemporary work and an encounter with the Occidental music tradition, the Twentieth century, Africa, popular music and jazz. There’s a peculiar attention to the spiritual dimension settled in suond and music, in wich sacred and popular come together and confuse with each other, finding it’s origin faraway in time: between deep suonds and vocalise there’s a re-writing of Bernart de Ventadorn’s Can vei la lauzeta.

There’s also a tribute to Sensation of Rimbaud, from wich is inspired the title of the record. Woman of the Woodlands, from Roberto Bonati’s verses, outline a misterious and soffused atmosphere. From this project came out the discography recording Heureux comme avec une femme (label ParmaFrontiere, distr. Ird).


“…It's rare to hear a vocalist capable of the intensity that Torto can muster: rare, also, to hear the double bass played with the ferocity of which Bonati is capable…”

Bruce Lindsay – All about jazz

Heureux comme avec une femme
double bass and voice
Diana Torto: voice
Roberto Bonati: double bass
2013 – ParmaFrontiere