Vesper and Silence

Vesper and Silence

Roberto Bonati
music for solo double bass

Label: ParmaFrontiere
Copyright: Roberto Bonati
Total Length: 62:50
Release Date: 2019


All compositions by Roberto Bonati (SIAE)
except “Solveigs Sang” by Edvard Grieg



  1. Vesper and Silence
  1. Morning On A Winter Shore
  1. Fifth by Fifth
  1. An Angel Game
  1. Mr on Hammer on
  1. October 13th
  1. Campane
  1. Trumpeting and Dance
  1. The Eternal Spiral
  1. Solveigs Sang
  1. Sabbie Bianche
  1. Melodia d’Ottobre


Vesper and Silence
by Roberto Bonati 

Roberto Bonati – Vesper and Silence